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The Container Store & Real Simple Want You to be Organized!

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Now is your chance to win an organized home!

It’s simple, “Real Simple” in fact! Enter every day between now and June 15th, 2009 to win the sweepstakes sponsored by Real Simple and The Container Store. The grand price is $3,000.00 worth of cool organizing swag along with the help of a “Real Simple” professional organizer to do the work for you.

We’ll, it’s not me helping you organize your home, but it’s a heck of a deal! Why not enter and win?

10 Minute Organizing Ideas

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

Recently I asked friends, professional colleagues, and business owners who follow me on Twitter and Facebook what they would tackle if they had 10 minutes free and felt like organizing. I have enjoyed their responses and perhaps they may inspire you to find 10 free minutes each day to organize.

Deb Lee of D. Allison Lee Professional Organizers said she’d deal with her mail. “Open the mail and put each individual bill in my bill sorter so that I remember to pay them!”
Leigh Ann Hubbard is Managing Editor of James Hubbard’s My Family Doctor magazine and suggested she would tackle her bedroom.  “Nobody can enter it at the moment, and you have to go through it to get to the bathroom.”
Shelf Genie Franchise Owner, Allan Young must be using social media frequently, because he needs some online organizing time. “I’d organize my friends on Facebook into categories.”
Human Resource Professional, Daniel Jason of Richmond, Virginia saves money during his 10 minutes.  He said, “I’d organize all my clipped coupons by date so that I can use them before they expire.” Great idea, Daniel.
Southern California bike enthusiast Buzz Kasprzyk said his desk needs work. “My PC Desk at home and work table!   Looks like the post office threw up on it, or like a tornado flew by!”  Well, Buzz – you’re not in Kansas anymore.  I didn’t know they had tornadoes in Long Beach.
Professional Organizer and owner of The Clutter Cutter of Wichita, KS, Pam McCutcheon said “My fridge – because my husband does the grocery shopping and I rarely know what is in there!” I agree, gotta keep the family fed!
Debbie of D & R Custom Organizers and blogger at Virtually Organized responded via Twitter with this comment: “My Middle Schooler’s overstuffed backpack. There’s GOT to be a way to reduce how much she has to carry every day!”
(Middle school students in Washington, DC are not allowed to carry backpacks at school.)
Tom Dow, General Manager of CF Folks, Inc. an awesome catering firm in Washington, DC said  “America’s finances…10 minutes would be more than what’s being done now.” If you can solve it in 10 minutes, I say “Dow for President!”
Kit Grieder of Herndon, VA a book keeper and self described “domestic engineer” said he’d tackle his linen closet’s shelves.  “Ten minutes is enough time to pull out the old towels to become garage rags, refold the good ones and put them back neatly.” A neat linen closet is a beautiful thing.
Kevin Nellis, a Public Health Analyst has some extreme ideas when it comes to organizing. “I’d light a stick of dynamite in my master bedroom closet. It’s a good excuse to renovate and get rid of things at the same time. And I get to buy more clothes.”
From New Jersey, Geo Jedlicka, an accounting manager turned nursing student said, “I’d probably organize some papers lying around somewhere, whether it be a drawer, or pile. There might be a bill that needs paying.”
Adriane Williams, a former client of Solutions by Scott who moved to West Virgina to begin a life as a college professor said she’d work on her dining room table.  “It’s the drop off point for mail. We have a mail center but it is overrun, so the table is always under siege. I try to pull it together to keep things from getting out of hand just before I walk out the door.”
Jessica Brigham Food Service Director for Houghton Mifflin Publishing Company must be carrying around a big purse.  She said “I’d clean out my bag. So as not to carry things with me that will just get in my way all day.”

Are you inspired? What could you do with 10 minutes? I’d love to hear from you.