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Top 10 Garage Organizing Tips – Just in Time For Spring

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

As the temperatures are finally creeping up, it’s time to take our Spring cleaning and organizing campaign outside… to the garage. Make the most of this underappreciated space in your home and get it ready for smart storage and for working on your favorite projects. Even if you just want to just make room to finally move your car inside, remember these top tips for your best organizing results:

1. Designate separate spaces or zones in which to group like items together, such as sports gear, gardening tools, automotive supplies, house repair, etc. It makes finding things easy, clean up is simple, and overall a more functional workspace.

2. When it comes to storing off-season or occasional items in the garage, nothing beats stackable, clear plastic bins. Make sure they have tight sealing lids like the Rubbermaid Roughneck line, to protect your belongings from moisture and critters. Not everything needs to be in a bin with a lid, especially if you’re accessing the items frequently.

3. Pegboards are terrific for vertical storage and they come in a variety of sizes and materials. Useful for hanging everything from gardening tools or hand tools, pegboards are also versatile, so you can adjust them as your needs change. Choose a system that is sturdy enough to carry the weight you need. For a dressed-up look, check out this pegboard system.

4. Give yourself some room. If lack of space is keeping you from your list of DIY projects, make your garage more functional by adding the right workbench. Wall mounted versions like this fold-down model give you the surface you need without taking up any floor space. Add casters to any table to make your workstation mobile, and when you’re done, tuck it neatly out of the way again. Gladiator Garage works makes a handy, adjustable leg workbench I plan to have in my next garage.

5. Whenever possible, use open shelving instead of cabinets. Not only are they easier to install and less expensive, they also take up less room because you don’t need to allow for swinging doors. They also let you see everything you’ve got, increasing the space’s functionality. One exception would be a cabinet with doors that can be locked to store hazardous chemicals if you have small children, especially if the chemicals cannot be stored high out of reach.

6. The only way to keep organized is to keep an eye on what you have. One idea is to store the tiny tidbits on your tool shelves in clear spice jars, so you won’t have to hunt them down when you need them, or mount the jars under a shelf. I use a parts organizer like this for my spare hardware. If you have drawers, try painting them with chalkboard paint, so you can clearly label – and re-label – what’s inside.

7. Not everything is appropriate to store in your garage. If you think you’re saving money buying paper goods in bulk, you’ll be throwing that money away if you leave them out to become insect bait. Paint should also be moved inside, as it will be ruined by extreme weather if your garage isn’t climate controlled.

8. It may be easy to just lean a ladder up against the wall when not in use, but that can be an accident waiting to happen. Avoid having it tip over onto your car – or worse, on a person – by laying it down horizontally and pushing it against the wall. If possible, keep it off the floor entirely by storing your ladder on hooks.

9.  Repurpose wire closet shelving by screwing them into the ceiling joists in your garage. It creates a huge amount of storage for things you don’t need to get to regularly, and you can always see what’s overhead.

10. Once your garage is organized, for an even more streamlined look, install moisture resistant curtains to hide your storage and work spaces. You can also use it as an opportunity to add a pop of color to the typically stark surfaces of a garage. You could even consider laminating posters or your kids’ artwork to create some visual interest in the garage.

Share with us your dreams for your garage in the comments below. What would you use the space for if you could do anything with it, and more importantly… what’s stopping you?

Valuable Beatles Video Found in Garage

Saturday, July 12th, 2008

Film buff Richard Jeffs finally got around to cleaning his garage in South London, where he discovered a hidden treasurer that had been stashed in the corner for decades. Stacked in a dark, damp corner of his garage were 64 unmarked canisters, many rusted and damaged from years of neglect.

With a bit of detective work, he deciphered the scribbled label found inside the film can and determined the names of the two presenters who conducted the interview in 1964. According to a story by the BBC, the faded handwriting was incredibly hard to read, but with patience he was able to read the labels.

This is the story of how a lost Beatles interview once again found the light of day. It offers a revealing insight into Sir Paul McCartney and John Lennon’s songwriting partnership. The nine minute interview took place in the studios of Scottish Television on Thursday, April 30, 1964.

It’s rather remarkable the film survived at all. It is now being stored safely in a professional archive in Milton Keynes, where temperature and humidity are carefully controlled.

Let this be a lesson to my readers. Don’t store ANYTHING in your garage or attic space if you can’t afford to have it ruined. The extreme temperature changes, humidity, and critters found in these spaces will likely damage your treasurers. Mr. Jeffs should consider himself a lucky man to discover this rare Beatles interview.

I wonder what is inside the other 63 canisters?

Stylish Bike Storage – Direct from the U.K.

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

A client was looking for a method to store his bike off the floor in his condo, but not on a ‘typical’ rack. So while cruising the Unica Home web site, I found the the Cycloc Cycle Storage, described as “an amazing, brilliantly simple design and winner of numerous awards including the Time Magazine Consumer 2006 Product Design of the Year.” Design awards include:

  • 2006 winner of Consumer Product Design of the Year awarded by the plastics industry
  • Design and Art Direction Award, U.K.
  • Design Award Week, U.K.– Most Outstanding Product Design

I like the unique shape, which guides the bike frame securely in place and can accommodate a wide range of frame shapes. My only concern is varying bike frame thicknesses. The Cycloc provides additional functionality in the form of storage for your biking accessories, although no photos demonstrate this purpose. I can imagine you tucking your riding gloves in the middle of the Cycloc. The Cycloc ships complete with mounting instructions, but you’ll need to buy fasteners based on your wall type and bike weight. Once hung, you can even lock your bike up in a public space by inserting a special lock.

For $135, you can select from green, white, orange, and black. The green, white, and orange are made of new MDPE plastic, while the black Cycloc is made of 100% recycled MDPE plastic. Shouldn’t that be the “green” model? Anyhow, it’s about 11″ in diameter.

Happy riding,